Federal Charm – ‘Passenger’ : Digital Download

The eagerly awaited third Federal Charm album, and the first featuring the new line-up of original members Paul Bowe (guitar) and L.D. Morawski (bass) and now with new drummer, Josh Zahler, and new singer, Tom Guyer.

‘Passenger’ was recorded & produced by Federal Charm & John Simms, who is also sound engineer for fellow Stockport band, ‘Blossoms’.

“John was really good to work with,” says Paul, “He’s highly technical, has a great set of ears and commands an invaluable ability to locate and add that missing ingredient to make a song stand out from the crowd. Previously, the recording process for the first two Federal Charm albums was very much, “Strat in? Go! Les Paul? Go!…” For ‘Passenger', a great deal of care and attention was taken with the pre-production, which ultimately benefited the all-round sound. It’s a heavier album. There was no way to tame the beast.”

11 tracks from the very top drawer, featuring the lift-off singles ‘Choke’, ’Swing Sinner’, and ‘Halo’.

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Price: £6.99

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