Federal Charm – ‘Federal Charm’ : CD

‘Great riffs. Fantastic musicianship. Phenomenal vocals. Really good songs. Their big sound cannot be restrained’Amazon

The debut CD release from Manchester's Federal Charm draws on the blues but is never constrained by it and is full of melodic twists and turns with twin guitar riffs and stop-start rhythms. The vocal phrasing soars above some of the most intense material to be found on the current post-modern blues landscape. Oh yes!

Classic Rock describe them as 'investing in swaggering riffs, sleazy slide flourishes and cinder raw vocals with a confidence that is utterly winning'... and you can't beat that.

Tracklisting –  Gotta Give It Up; I'm Not Gonna Beg; No Money Down; Somebody Help Me; Reaction; The Stray; There's A Light; Tell Your Friends; Reconsider; Come On Down; Any Other Day; Too Blind To See.

‘Probably the hottest nu-blues outfit to have come out of the UK in the last 20 years’BBC Radio 2

12 tracks right out of the very top drawer. IN STOCK NOW! OFFICIAL!


Price: £10.00

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