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Hot Press.

NEW! 2-LP SET : ‘Special Sauce’ / Buzzkunst & ‘Designoid’ / Howard Devoto. YES!


‘SPECIAL SAUCE’ is mostly a reconfiguration of the 2002 album ‘Buzzkunst’ by ShelleyDevoto.

NOW! For the first time on vinyl, with a REFRESHED RUNNING ORDER and TWO PREVIOUSLY UNRELEASED TRACKS‘Psychosomatic’ and ‘Punk Of Me’.

CLICK HERE for a promo clip for ‘Psychosomatic’.

PLUS! If that isn’t enough, there is a SECOND mini-album included in the package…

11 NEVER BEFORE RELEASED Howard Devoto ARCHIVE RECORDINGS from the same period, titled ‘DESIGNOID’.

Instrumentals and songs, idiosyncratic as ever, and including a 21st century re-working of ‘Breakdown’, as originally featured on the Buzzcocks’ debut and seminal self-released EP, ‘Spiral Scratch’.

CLICK HERE for a promo clip for the track ‘Designoid’.

YES!  It’s A TWO LP SET in a single bumper sized record sleeve FOR THE PRICE OF ONE, complete with FREE lyric insert sheet.

Limited to 1000 copies only and only available through Cargo Direct


NOTE : Out on 5 July 2024. Domino Records will be releasing a digital package across the platforms on July 5th as well. But they have no plans to release on CD, mind…


Yes! Exclusive to Wire-Sound. UK shipping rates!

France’s very own, Affection Place, one of the pioneering bands born out of the Lyon new-wave / post-punk music scene of the late 1970/80s, are back with a new album, ‘Smouldering Fire’.

10 tracks (on CD) and 8 tracks (on vinyl LP) from the very top drawer recorded and produced by, and featuring on keyboards, Magazine’s very own, Dave Formula.

Presented exclusively here in hi-fidelity stereo, and housed in a handsome cardboard sleeve on the ever-popular CD and LP formats.

This is what they are saying about it…

“Extra ordinary Magazine-ish. Rubbery upfront bass guitar perfected by Barry Adamson and shards of John McGeoch like guitar…” MOJO Magazine

“Shades of Killing Joke and Magazine. Sounds like goth-pop overlap of Sisters Of Mercy and The Damned” – UNCUT Magazine

“Chunky rhythms and punchy bass of ‘Empires & Dance’-era Simple Minds, with a smooth production sheen of Japan and Ultravox with the sensibilities of The Stranglers” – VIVE LE ROCK Magazine

Ships from the UK, with UK packaging and postage rates applying.

CLICK HERE for the vinyl LP and CLICK HERE for the CD.

Buy with confidence, my friends. Buy with confidence.


Yes! Exclusive to Wire-Sound.

Malcolm Garrett & Linder Sterling‘s iconic punk design made flesh in fabric form. No pig’s ear out of a silk purse this. No. Top notch quality English hand printing in blue and yellow on 100% pure silk.

Measuring 42cm x 42cm, this Buzzcocks ‘Orgasm Addict’ print can be worn as a pocket square or small neckerchief. It comes in a presentation gift box with numbered edition sticker, and certificate of authentication signed by Professor Malcolm Garrett, ‘imself.

Designed and produced in 2017 on the occasion of the exhibition, ‘Malcolm Garrett. Fizzing at the Terminals’.



The new musical project from Pop Will Eat Itself & Gaye Bykers On Acid frontman, Mary Byker, and Apollo 440 founder-member, Magazine guitarist & long-time collaborator, Noko.

The soundscape is wide-screen retro-cinematic. The mood is distinctly glass-half-empty, with songs lamenting the failure of technology to save us from ourselves.

For the first time, Mary sings over a lush David Lynchian laptop orchestra, replete with the sweet vocal harmonies and the sumptuous twang of Noko’s vintage Gretsch ‘White Falcon’, buried deep in a canyon of spring reverb. Like you’ve never quite heard them before…

Ashka Kedziora has directed two videos for ‘Leaving Me Behind ‘ & ‘Futuristic Paranoia’. View them HERE & HERE. Watch the videos. GO GET THE ALBUM. Make it yours.

Title : Am I Dead Yet?
Artist : Am I Dead Yet?
Format : CD / DL
Label : Wire-Sound
Cat # : WIRED 48

For up-to-the-minute, up-to-the-mark information about Am I Dead Yet?, audio, video, show dates & more go to www.amideadyet.co.uk


Federal Charm – ‘Passenger’ : 11 Track CD

Federal Charm, release their third album, ‘Passenger’, worldwide, on the Wire–Sound label. Available in the ever-popular CD format, as a digital download, and as a limited edition vinyl LP.

After the 2016 Planet Rock Roadstars co-headline tour with SIMO & Aaron Keylock, Federal Charm amicably parted ways with vocalist & guitarist, Nick Bowden and drummer, Danny Rigg. Founder members, Paul Bowe (guitar) and LD Morawski (bass), then recruited new vocalist & frontman Tom Guyer and drummer Josh Zahler.

Federal Charm’s new heavy blues-rock musical direction and style has organically evolved since the band’s second album, ‘Across The Divide’. Tom Guyer’s powerful and characterful voice led to immediate chemistry as he joined Paul & LD in writing this third album. His wide vocal range opened up new creative possibilities and added an exciting and new dynamic that complements Federal Charm’s exhilarating sound. New drummer, Josh Zahler, adds his own distinctive drumming style and grooves to the band’s pulsating rhythm section.

Title : Passenger
Artist : Federal Charm
Format : LP / CD / DL
Label : Wire-Sound
Cat # : WIRED 43

Click HERE to order the CD or HERE to order your vinyl LP. Alternatively, go to iTunes or Amazon for your digital versions.


Yes! That’s right. ‘Welcome, ladies & gentlemen, to the genuine old world charm of Magazine’…

The 6-track ‘Old World Charm’ vinyl 12” EP is limited to 1000 pressings and contains broadcast mixes from the live recordings from the 2009 BBC Electric Proms performance @ The Roundhouse in Camden Town, London.

Magazine played a 45-minute set featuring selected A & B sides of their previous single releases. Half of the set is captured here revolving at 33 and 1/3 times per minute.

Tracks included are ‘Shot By Both Sides’, ‘Rhythm Of Cruelty’, ‘A Song From Under The Floorboards’, ‘Feed The Enemy’, ‘Sweetheart Contract’ and ‘I Love You, You Big Dummy’.

Title : ‘Old World Charm’
Artist : Magazine
Format : 12” VINYL @ 33RPM
Label : Wire-Sound
Cat # : WIRED 42

As we have only pressed up 1000 copies for Record Store Day, so it’d be best to take Fred Pontin’s advice and “book early”… OFFICIAL!


Federal Charm – 'Crossed Wires' : 8 Track CD

Federal Charm release a limited edition acoustic mini-album – entitled ‘Crossed Wires’ – on the ever-popular CD format, featuring re-recordings of 8 tracks from their first two albums, ‘Federal Charm’ & ‘Across The Divide’. CLICK HERE to purchase your copy now.

“Elegant beauty” – Blues Doodles

Tracklisting :

  1. Guess What
  2. The Stray
  3. Push
  4. These Four Walls
  5. Silhouette
  6. Come On Down
  7. Somebody Help Me
  8. Master Plan

The album is also available digitally as a stand-alone purchase at iTunes, Amazon and wherever you buy your digital music from. Or as a bundle if you purchase Federal Charm’s highly acclaimed second album, ‘Across The Divide’, at the same time.

Title : ‘Crossed Wires’
Artist : Federal Charm
Format : CD / DL
Label : Wire-Sound
Cat # : WIRED 41


Federal Charm – 'Across The Divide' : 11 Track CD


“Federal Charm invest swaggering riffs, sleazy flourishes and cinder-raw vocals with a confidence that is utterly winning”
– Classic Rock

The Manchester quartet, Federal Charm, release their second album, ‘Across The Divide’, on the Wire–Sound label. Available, through Cargo Distribution, in the ever-popular CD format, as a Digital Download (DD), from all the usual suspects.

The band released their debut album to critical acclaim in the summer of 2013. “Jaw-dropping. 8 out of 10″, said Classic Rock. High profile opening slots for, amongst others, Michael Schenker, UFO, Black Star Riders, Ian Hunter and Rich Robinson cemented the buzz and promptly realised a nowadays impressive 5000 sales.

Drawing from a deep well, spanning the classic rock curve from the Allman Brothers to Zeppelin, stopping off on the way to pay a call to Thin Lizzy. That, and with the indie blues of The Black Keys and the contemporary bluster of Rival Sons, Federal Charm are full of melodic twin-guitar twists and stop-start rhythms. Their fresh direction has turned many an industry head, describing the band as having the most cutting-edge sound in recent years.

But hey! Don’t just take our word for it. This is what they say…

“You need big balls to do this stuff justice, and there are four XXL pairs here” – Blues & Soul

“Great riffs. Fantastic musicianship. Phenomenal vocals. Really good songs. Their big sound cannot be restrained” – Amazon

“Federal Charm raid the Delta masters, apply Seventies chest hair and frog march the result into the 21st Century” – Classic Blues

“Probably the hottest nu-blues outfit to have come out of the UK in the last 20 years” – BBC Radio 2

Title : ‘Across The Divide’
Artist : Federal Charm
Format : CD / DL
Label : Wire-Sound
Cat # : WIRED 35


Magazine – 'No Thyself' : 11 Track CD

Enduringly credible, Magazine have always been the connoisseur’s choice and frequently name checked by some of the most gifted musicians of recent years including Radiohead, Morrissey, Jarvis Cocker, U2 and Maximo Park. NME.com even went as far as to include Magazine in a poll as one of the most influential bands of all time. And quite right too.

Magazine’s front man, Howard Devoto co-formed Buzzcocks with Pete Shelley after the pair had seen the Sex Pistols in early 1976 and promoted the now legendary Manchester Lesser Free Trade Hall gigs. Devoto left in 1977, after the seminal ‘Spiral Scratch’ EP had been released, and created Magazine. Their first record was the post-punk anthem ‘Shot By Both Sides’.

Four ground breaking albums later and the band had parted company, leaving behind an influential body of work which was re-released by Virgin EMI in 2007.

In February 2009 original members Howard Devoto, Barry Adamson, John Doyle and Dave Formula, were joined on guitar by former Luxuria collaborator Noko to play a handful of concerts across the UK. It was the first time Magazine had played live together since 1980. These ‘Real Life + Thereafter’ shows quickly sold out and received widespread critical acclaim.

In the summer of 2009, Magazine played ‘The Soap Show : Episode 2009′ at the Royal Festival Hall on London’s South Bank and selected European festivals, including Benicassim (Spain), Latitude (UK) and the Electric Picnic (Ireland), with a set culled from the ‘Real Life + Thereafter’ tour.

Come 2011, the band recorded and released their first new material in almost 30 years. ‘No Thyself’, was the band’s fifth studio album. 10 tracks from the very top drawer released worldwide on 24 October 2011 on the Wire–Sound label. Available, through Cargo Distribution, in the ever-popular CD format, Digital Download and as a limited edition 180gm LP vinyl edition. Magazine toured the UK to coincide with the album’s release.

“Devoto, let’s just say, for the hell of it because the story has to start somewhere, with a bang, or a legendary punk gig, was the man who changed Manchester because he had an idea about what needed to happen at just the right time in just the right place. He arranged for the Sex Pistols to play in Manchester before the rest of the country had caught up with the idea that there was any such thing as a Sex Pistol. In the audience for the shows were Mark E Smith, Ian Curtis, Morrissey and Devoto himself, four of the greatest rock singers of all time, directly challenged to take things on.” Paul Morley / The Observer / 2006

“Magazine are the most criminally underrated band in the past 25 years of British pop in my view. Howard Devoto was a total pop genius, but he was a slightly misshaped pop star and I think nobody really got him. Simple Minds should not have been big, but Magazine should have – someone made a clerical mistake somewhere.” Jeremy Vine / The Daily Telegraph / 2007

“mmm… not bad, for New Wave.” Bob Harris / The Old Grey Whistle Test / 1978

“Saying that Devoto has a cult following is like saying that King Kong was a big hairy gorilla: it’s superfically accurate but doesn’t really convey the full scale picture. On that ‘So It Goes’ he came on with the most powerful presence I’d seen since the first time I clapped eyes on Johnny Rotten… the kind of guy who’s going to get a big hoopla but who deserves it” Charles Shaar Murray / NME / 1978

“Magazine!!!!” Paul Morley / The Observer Music Monthly / 2008


Finks Live Back Label

“Da Finks? Da business!” – Dr. John Cooper Clarke

It’s that Mod aesthetic. Once it bites, it bites down hard and it bites down deep. It just keeps going. It just don’t ever leave you alone. One such kid who got bitten was Dave Formula. Then going by his actual, more earthbound, surname ‘Tomlinson’.

Back in Manchester 1966, dressing snappily, adoring R&B music and with a 27” waist, our young protagonist stormed out of the electrical appliances at Kendal’s Department Store, never to return to regular employment, shouting back to his now ex-boss, “That’s it! I quit. I’m off. See you on Top Of The Pops…”

A youthful arrogant boast maybe, but, remarkably, within two weeks he darn well was. Dave, freshly installed on keyboards with his latest beat group ‘St. Louis Union’, was tearing up the hit parade with a workout of The Beatles‘Girl’.

Flip the 45 and you’d discover a barn-storming 2 minutes 8 seconds retread of Otis Redding’s ‘Respect’. Tamla Motown was all well a good, but for those that knew, Stax / Volt was where it was at. It finally stalled at #11, but by that time St. Louis Union had become the in-house band at the now fabled ‘Twisted Wheel’ soul club in Manchester, and rivalled The Small Faces as the Mod band. While Dave changed his surname to Formula and went to receive critical acclaim for his work with ground breaking post-punk pioneers ‘Magazine’, and later commercial success with New Romantic figureheads ‘Visage’.

But like I say, it bites down hard and it bites down deep. Dave, right now, for the sheer hell of it, has returned to those halcyon regulation ½” turn-up days, with a new, Hammond organ led, beat combo, ‘The Finks’. It’s yer classic groove-organ outfit. Stylish, snappy psychedelic soul with a sharp-eyed dash of funk… where the Meters of New Orleans meet Booker T. in Memphis with a touch of Jimmy Smith thrown in for good measure.

The Finks are currently up and at ‘em right now, and are out on their own going around the towns, waking the people, and ever so once in a while with the mighty Dr. John Cooper Clarke – no stranger himself to the pulling power of the mod aesthetic, then a Twisted Wheel regular and today still with a 27” waist.

Their debut musical biscuit, ‘Live Fink Funk’, is 10 tracks in all including ‘Cissy Strut’; ‘The Liquidator’; ‘The Cat’; ‘Time Is Tight’; ‘Little Old Money Maker’; ‘Funky Folks Cha-Cha’; ‘Funky Miracle’; ‘One Mint Julep’; ‘Pungee’; ‘Chicken Pox’. Bonus!

Played and recorded live in one take, and produced with a minimum of overdubs by The Finks themselves in Fink-O-Phonic Sound. It’s your new favourite record. So buy one. Buy two! Impress your friends.