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Mary Byker & Noko present ‘Am I Dead Yet? : CD


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The new musical project from Pop Will Eat Itself & Gaye Bykers On Acid frontman, Mary Byker, and Apollo 440 founder-member, Magazine guitarist & long-time collaborator, Noko.

The soundscape is wide-screen retro-cinematic. The mood is distinctly glass-half-empty, with songs lamenting the failure of technology to save us from ourselves.

For the first time, Mary sings over a lush David Lynchian laptop orchestra, replete with the sweet vocal harmonies and the sumptuous twang of Noko’s vintage Gretsch ‘White Falcon’, buried deep in a canyon of spring reverb. Like you’ve never quite heard them before…

Ashka Kedziora has directed two videos for ‘Leaving Me Behind‘ & ‘Futuristic Paranoia’. They can be viewed here & here. Watch the videos. Buy the album. Get the download for free.